Plan For The Future That Is Where You Will Spend The Rest of Your Life!

                                       When you leave the Armed Forces there may be occasions when you need help to get your life in order.  Irrespective of how long you may have served whether it be one day or a full career be aware there are lots of organisations set up to ensure your change of uniform from Service Person to Civilian runs smoothly.  However there are so many organisations available that it can become very confusing and create information overload. if you become distracted you could spend several hours persuing a line of action that takes you totally in the wrong direction what this does is causes frustration, anger and cause people occasionally to just give up. This site is designed to offer you a route map to take on your journey from Forces to Civilian in the most direct route.

When preparing for this journey there are certain preparations that you need to make yourself, some of it is common sense, for example if you are going on a journey it would be a good idea to want to know where you want to go. You need to sit down with a sheet of paper and ask yourself certain questions:

Where do I want to settle?
What type of employment do I want?
How much do I want to earn?
Do I want a job or another career?
Am I keen to work for somebody else or would I like to be self employed?

These are very basic questions and you will rapidly realise that as you ask yourself each of these questions, they in themselves raise other questions.

This site aims to give you as much direction as possible, having decided what you want to do we can then direct you to sites that will provide guidance, information and support.

This is all available to you anyway, all we aim to do is help you to shortcut your research.  And of course this is a site which is constantly in progress we rely upon our users to update us with any changes they are aware of or new information sites they access.  The aim is to work together to help each other and those that follow us to Civilian Life. To access our free guidance sites please complete the following opt in form and submit your details.

We guarantee we will not swap, sell or share your details or email address with any other person or organisation. We will only forward to you information you have requested or we believe will be of benefit to you.