THE LIST UK 08/29/2010
Have a click on it is more than just a great job board.  Come back and let our subscribers know what you think of the site. Run by ex service personnel for the benefit of ex service personnel.
Post Title. 06/13/2010
The Union Jack Club. I have just spent a few days in London staying at The Union Jack Club. This is a great facility in the middle of London and not at all expensive. It is ideally located for most sporting events. Close to Wembley, Twickenham Lords , O2 arena and the Oval. If you are intending to book during any particular sporting event it makes sense to book in advance.  contact them on or phone 020 7902 6000.
There is a Government Funded project designed to shorten the time it takes to re-enter the job market.  Participants are assigned an experienced personal Career Guidance Practitioner. Your Practitioner will help determine your direction, develop an action plan and give you access to an advanced set of web based, job seeking tools.  These tools will simplify, organise and accelerate your job search.  Register for our newsletter to obtain full details of how this project will benefit you.
First Post! 01/10/2010
The aim of this site and this blog is for all veterans to help each other. Civvy Street can be a confusing highway so if you have navigated your way around a particular obstacle, without the use of a Sat Nav, share the method of transport in this blog.